Top 5 Occupations With High Rates of Male Incontinence

occupations and male incontinence

Stress has been linked to all sorts of diseases, including mental health disorders and cancer. But can it also contribute to urinary incontinence in men? And do stressful occupations and male incontinence go hand in hand?

Several studies show that psychological stress can be both the cause and effect of accidental urine leakage in men! Have you ever felt yourself going to the bathroom more frequently than usual when you are anxious or stressed? 

As soon as you become fearful or nervous, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline – two stress hormones that result in a fight-or-flight reaction. 

That urge to urinate when you feel panicked may actually be the courtesy of evolution; it is easier to fight or flee with an empty bladder. The exact reason is hard to explain. But when you are feeling anxious, your nervous system starts working at a higher intensity. Your bladder muscles also tense up more during stressful situations.

Long story short, yes, stress can lead to urinary incontinence in men. 

Is Your Job Contributing to Your Incontinence?

What’s the one area of life that is responsible for causing the most stress in the majority of people? It’s work, of course. Job stress is something pretty much everyone can relate to. However, not all jobs are equal when it comes to the physical and mental toll some employees can take. 

occupations and male incontinence

If you work in any of the following industries, you are more likely to develop incontinence problems later in life:


The American Bar Association says that 19 percent of all lawyers are suffering from severe anxiety while 28 percent of them are displaying signs of depression. Trying to secure a favorable ruling for your client while facing down a judge and jury can make your job super stressful. 

Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers enforce laws in potentially chaotic circumstances, which explains why studies show that as many as 19 percent of cops have PTSD due to constant exposure to dangerous situations.

Healthcare Professionals 

Doctors and medical staff have the great responsibility of properly diagnosing and treating the patient, while also paying attention to the patient’s comfort. 28 percent of doctors experience stress that is beyond the comprehension of the general population! 

Social Workers

Whether you are a child and family social worker or a clinical social worker, you will probably deal with stressful situations every day. Their caseloads alone can be a cause for stress, let alone the pressure of looking after their clients. Many social workers find themselves unable to sleep properly, while some have an emotional burnout.

occupations and male incontinence

Military Personnel 

People enlisted in the military are considered some of the most stressed professionals in the world. From dealing with deadlines and strenuous training to deployment in highly dangerous parts of the world, the entire experience can be too demanding, both physically and emotionally. Many war veterans and ex-military personnel also suffer from PTSD due to their terrifying encounters.

Occupations and male incontinence are tightly related. If you are working in any of these capacities, you are prone to developing sleeping disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and bladder-related problems. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you notice signs of urinary leakage. It’s a common issue that is easily treatable.

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