Traveling to the Beach with Incontinence: Don’t Let it Interrupt Your Vacation!

traveling with incontinence

Summer is here which means long travels to the beach, swimming and exploring. It can be an exciting time for you and your family, but traveling with incontinence can also be stressful. It is important to take back control of your life and your bladder, especially when you are trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Men’s Liberty has provided these tips to help you unwind at the beach without having to worry about your bladder control. 


  • Transportation: Make sure a bathroom is easily accessible when traveling to your destination. If you are on a plane or train, sit in an aisle seat. If you are traveling by car, use your GPS to map out the closest rest areas, restaurants or gas stations along the way.


  • Diet: Pay close attention to what you are eating and drinking throughout your vacation, especially when traveling or on the beach since restrooms may not be as easily accessible. Limit intake of acidic, spicy or salty snacks. Be aware of how much caffeine or alcohol you are drinking throughout your vacation. Don’t limit your intake of liquids, but instead hydrate with water. 


  • Travel Kit: Pack a special travel kit to keep on hand during your travels and vacation. Keep about a half a dozen Men’s Liberty on hand in case you are in need of extra. You never know what could happen during a vacation. A flight could be canceled or you could have car troubles. Whatever the reason, it is important to keep extra in your travel kit. Also, be sure to bring a bar of Ivory or other non-moisturizing soap. Most hotels only provide shower gel which contains ingredients that will remain on your skin for hours after your shower. 


  • Swimming: The myth that says you shouldn’t swim if you are trying to manage incontinence is just that, a myth. Don’t fear to take a dip in the pool or the ocean when on vacation. Using Men’s Liberty will help you manage your bladder when swimming. Always wash with soap and use the bathroom before getting in the water. You should be able to enjoy your vacation and not have to worry about your incontinence, so enjoy the water!


Don’t fear to go to the beach while managing your incontinence. It may seem daunting at first, but with Men’s Liberty, we can help you control your bladder so that you can enjoy a relaxing trip with your family. Give these tips a try and see how Men’s Liberty can help with traveling with incontinence.