Traveling with Incontinence

Traveling with Incontinence

Traveling with incontinence: Millions of men deal with urinary incontinence throughout their daily lives. This condition that affects so many can be especially difficult when you are outside of your normal routines. Travel, for example, takes us out of our comfort zone and into worlds we are less familiar with. This unfamiliarity can heighten the emotions and concerns we feel when dealing with men’s urinary incontinence. Traveling with urinary incontinence can be nerve-wracking. The thought of not knowing where your next bathroom break will be can turn even the most exciting journeys into a bad experience. Here are some things that you can prepare for to help with the challenges that you may face.

Refill prescriptions:

If you take prescription medications for your urinary incontinence, make sure you have enough medication to get you through the trip.

Collect proper documentation:

if you use a product like Men’s Liberty, ask your doctor for a note to explain the need for the urinary incontinent device. In order to ease your mind, you might also consider calling the airline/ airport ahead of the trip to understand the special procedures they might take.

Plan for the unexpected:

When you travel delays might happen. Make sure to pack extra supplies. You should also pack some incontinence supplies in a carry-on, just in case, there is a delay with your checked luggage.

Dress for travel:

What you wear might make the difference between staying dry and having an accident. When dressing for travel, be sure to consider the ease of access if you are in a rush. You might also consider dark clothing to hide small leaks.

Continue to drink fluids:

It is important to maintain fluid intake to stay hydrated. Going without fluid can cause dehydration and make for an uncomfortable journey.

Gather helpful resources:

Finding restrooms in unfamiliar places can be a challenge. Charmin has a helpful app called sit or squat with the sole mission to make clean bathrooms easy to locate.

Consider Men’s Liberty:

Men’s Liberty offers a fast, on-the-go solution. It is lightweight, discreet, and easy to pack. It has the ability to keep you dry for long periods of time until you can reach a bathroom.

The Men’s Liberty Team is available to help answer any questions that you may have. Or if you are ready to place an order, give them a call at 800-814-3174.