Traveling with Men’s Liberty

Traveling with Men’s Liberty

Don’t let worry keep you on the sidelines. Men’s Liberty provides comfort, convenience and confidence at home and on the road. Yes, even on the road. No matter how you get there, by air or by car, traveling with Men’s Liberty has never been easier.

Traveling by air

Air travel has changed dramatically in the last decade. If you are struggling with male urinary incontinence, you may be worried about airport screening. Don’t be. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) staff screen millions of travelers annually.  They have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of medical devices, including external catheters. You can help ease the screening process by communicating your use of the device to the agent in advance of screening. You may choose to carry a TSA notification card, which states your need for the device and type of device used. And you may also present a note from your physician and notify the agent verbally. While Men’s Liberty is metal free and can be used with imaging and MRI’s, be sure to be specific about device placement to avoid additional questions with imaging. You may also choose to ask for a private screening or pat down. Contact the airline at least 72 hours in advance of your flight to learn about specific requirements or procedures for this request.

Pack to prepare

Plan for contingencies. For example, if your luggage is lost you will want to have enough supplies in your carry on to meet your needs until the luggage is delivered to you. With proper documentation, you should not be limited to the 3oz rule for liquids. Pack all of your supplies together so their use, and your need for them, is clear to the screener.


You’ve made it through security and are now on the plane. If you weren’t able to empty your bag prior to screening, empty it before boarding. Check tubing to be sure there are no kinks or twists in the line. This advice also holds true for traveling by car or train.


Cabin pressure will not impact Men’s Liberty. You can expect the same reliable protection you have come to count on, even at 30,000 feet. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and relax you’ve got this. No need to panic during takeoff or landing as your Men’s Liberty is with you.

For longer travel

Men’s Liberty is easy to empty so you can comfortably travel for longer distances.

Enjoy traveling again with Men’s Liberty. Men’s Liberty can help you regain your freedom, so you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Call us today to get started.