Update: Men’s Liberty at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Nearly a week later, and we are still blown away by all the amazing men and women we met at the 32nd Annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games. The athletes, attendees and their families shared inspirational stories of service. They talked about life changing injuries. And the struggle of re-establishing full and active lifestyles.

Adaptive athletes learn more about Men's Liberty

The men and their families who visited our booth had a common problem – fluid management. They were active athletes from across the country who needed something to help manage their urinary incontinence. But they weren’t interested in invasive options with lots of side effects or the risk of infections. Many of the men we met have to intermittent cath or still have enough sensation to feel pain/discomfort with invasive Foley catheters. That leaves them disenchanted with thir current fluid management system(s).

They included men like, Mike, who struggled for years with incontinence as results of a T1/T2 spinal cord injury. Today he is an enthusiastic supporter of Men’s Liberty, who tells other wheelers:

“For those who are looking for something new,  start with the best instead of dealing with the misery from the rest. The freedom Liberty has given me is priceless.”

Sadly, too many of the men we met didn’t know that Men’s Liberty was an option, leaving them trapped with condom catheter pop-offs, invasive Foleys or bulky diapers. But now that they know that there is a discreet, non-invasive alternative… watch out! These active athletes have the Men’s Liberty competitive edge and they are in it to win it!

However, Men’s Liberty is a completely external fluid management device. It can be worn securely for up to 24 hours or more. With more then one million units sold, there have been ZERO reportable adverse events, such as skin injuries or urinary tract infections!

Men and the caregivers learn more about Men's Liberty

We received such a warm reception from the atheletes and their families that we are already looking forward to seeing them all again next year at the 33rd annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games event, being hosted in our home town of Tampa, FL!

Interested in seeing if Men’s Liberty could work for you? Just click here to get started!{{cta(‘7043ed50-b4de-4f32-a967-8360b0eefab4’)}}

In fact, we are honored to have been a part of the Games and want to congratulate all the adaptive athletes on their participation. Whether they won or lost, they were all amazing!

And special congratulations to Dean who won our raffle prize – a 32” HD LCD TV!

Dean won the Men&squot;s Liberty Raffle Prize, a 32" HD LCD TV!

Could you be next year’s winner?