Urinary Incontinence Management: Male Diapers

Male Diapers

Adult male diapers are among the most commonly used incontinence management strategies. Are they right for you? Here’s what to consider.

Choose wisely

Managing incontinence is greatly improved with attention to product size and absorbency. Choose adult male diapers that are appropriately sized to prevent leaks and chafing. Appropriate sizing helps in another way – diapers are less noticeable and bulky under clothing.

It is also important to consider absorbency. You may not need a product with high absorbency if you are managing light leakage or dribbling. Opt for products designed specifically for men so you have absorbency where you need it most.

Care for your skin

A common problem with incontinence is skin rash and irritation. Moisture and acidity from urine can harm skin and, in some cases, even lead to fungal infection. To protect skin health use barrier creams and change regularly. There are a number of products specifically designed for use with adult diapers that protect skin. Changing as soon as the product becomes wet is another way to reduce the likelihood of rash. Whenever possible, choose products with moisture wicking and quick absorbency features.

Addressing challenges

The big three challenges are odor, cost and bulkiness.


To head off the problem of odor, again, change the adult diaper as soon as it becomes soiled. It is also important to hydrate adequately. Dehydration causes urine to concentrate, resulting in stronger odor. Some products offer odor control, but these aren’t for everyone. Some users may experience skin sensitivity with these products.


Adult diapers can cost as much as $300 monthly. In most cases, the expense is not caused by Medicare or other insurance plans. That means it must come out of your pocket. Strategies for reducing cost include buying in bulk. You can also search for online discounts or use coupons.


It isn’t always easy to wear an adult diaper discreetly. Products that bunch or sag practically announce themselves. Odors and crinkly sounds with movement are another big giveaway.

Men’s Liberty offers an alternative

Men’s Liberty has designed an easy to use system with your freedom, comfort and budget in mind. Therefore, our unique external catheter protects the skin and provides worry free, long wear of up to 24-hours. Men’s Liberty is discreet and easy to apply. You or a caregiver can do it an about two minutes. Say goodbye to bulkiness, odor and runaway costs. Men’s Liberty is available at little or no out of pocket cost by most insurance plans including Medicare and Tricare. Ready to feel more confident and comfortable? Give us a call today.