Veterans More Likely to Experience Urinary Incontinence


Military veterans are up to three times more likely to experience urinary incontinence than their civilian peers, according to findings released at the recent American Urological Association’s annual meeting1.Many researchers attribute most of this growth to the number of young men who are returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan with spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries. “Traumatic brain injury is a big issue. And we are still trying to recognize the more subtle presentations of blast injuries”, according to Dr. Alayne Markland, an internist at the Birmingham (Ala.) VA Medical Center; “We can keep soldiers from being killed, but anything that injures the brain can cause dysfunctional voiding.”2

Fortunately, for many veterans, Men’s Liberty can help them manage their incontinence and give back their independence, mobility and confidence.

Men’s Liberty is proud to be supporting our veterans and adaptive athletes at the largest annual wheelchair sports competition in the world, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games on June 25th-30th in Richmond, Virginia.


For instance, with a safe, secure fluid management system, adaptive athletes can compete with confidence 24/7.  Therefore, we are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Games. And to consequently have the opportunity to talk to athletes and caregivers about how an effective fluid management system can help them take control. And also become more active and give them a competitive edge in events like the Wheelchair Games.

In fact, featuring over 18 events, 500 adaptive athletes and 3,000 volunteers, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games include 5 days of extreme sports competition. That includes: archery, basketball, quad rugby, slalom, track and weightlifting. The Games are open to U.S. military service veterans. Those with spinal cord injuries, certain neurological conditions, amputations or other mobility impairments can compete. Competitors include veterans from Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. And nearly 25% of participants are first time competitors3.

Check out the competition and visit us at Booth #436 to enter to win a 32” flat screen HDTV prize at the Expo raffle.


We look forward to seeing you there!