Veterans Wheelchair Games – Dean won a 32” HDTV from Men’s Liberty

Veterans Wheelchair Games

This year in Richmond, VA. on June 24th over 500 adapted athletes will meet for a week of archery, swimming, weightlifting, basketball, quad rugby, table tennis and more. It’s the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the largest annual wheelchair sports event in the world.

They’ll start with opening ceremonies on Monday evening. These impressive, inspirational veterans will be competing in a week of events testing their potential and sharing healthy activity and fellowship. However, we just heard of Veterans Wheelchair Games event a few weeks ago, and were fortunate enough to be able to find a spot in the expo to connect and support these courageous veteran athletes.  Unfortunately, it seems most people we speak to have also not heard of the event, unless they are a part of this elite group.  We were fortunate that we have clients who are competing and they feel our product gives them a competitive edge.

One way we will be supporting the games is by giving away a 32” HDTV in a drawing to be held at the expo.  If you know of anyone competing, be sure to not only cheer them on, but have them enter the drawing at the Men’s Liberty booth #436 or click the button to enter online.

Therefore, give us your comments on how you think we can help get the word out for this amazing event.  Or tell us about your competitive edge!