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Wear PPE? This is a Must-Buy to Prevent Facial Irritation

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is no longer only used by those working in industrial settings to protect against toxic chemicals and fumes or medical professionals treating HIV or other infectious diseases. The Covid-19 crisis has made PPE a critical gear for a wide range of frontline healthcare workers who step out of their homes everyday to keep everyone else safe.

These people often have to wear protective gear for hours at a stretch, which can cause PPE skin irritation, redness, inflamed skin or other skin care complications. It is important for all frontline workers and others using this equipment to proactively address their skin care issues and take preventative measures against PPE skin damage.

Bioderm Faceplate Strip – An Indispensable Protection for Your Skin

Bioderm Faceplate Strip is a skin-friendly and comfortable solution to protect you against facial PPE skin irritation. It is specially crafted to help prevent PPE skin damage, irritation and injuries that may occur because of face shields, face masks and glasses. The unique design will cover your cheekbones and nose bridge for up to 24 hours.

Produced with Hydrocolloid Material

The Faceplate Seal from Bioderm is created with a proprietary innovative material called hydrocolloid. This serves a protective barrier between your face equipment and your skin to prevent PPE skin damage. You can comfortably make facial movements while you are using this product.

Latex-free and Hypo-allergenic

Bioderm Faceplate seal does not contain any latex or natural rubber, and is produced with the skin friendly hydrocolloid material. This will help ensure your skin does not develop any allergy to the strip even after regular use.

Other Highlights of Faceplate Strips

  • Bioderm Faceplate Strips are made in the USA
  • Made from stretchable and shapeable hydrocolloid material
  • The material has moisture absorbing properties
  • Wearable for up to 24 hours
  • Safe to use if you are allergic to tape adhesive
  • Gentle and easy to remove with water and soap
  • Pre-shaped and pre-cut for quick and easy application

Why Use Bioderm Faceplate Strips if You Wear PPE?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, PPE is being used by nurses, doctors, first responders, and even everyday folks. To mitigate the risk of infection, especially when circumstances don’t allow for social distancing, this can mean wearing a mask for much longer durations of time. In many cases, the protective equipment is ill-fitting because it is not custom-made for your face, which increases the risk of skin damage and injuries.

And even when the PPE is well-fitting for your face, constant wear-time and regular use will make your skin vulnerable to facial skin irritation and injuries. It is vital to protect your own skin health so that you can remain fit enough to continue working and helping patients in challenging conditions.

Constant friction between your skin and the protective equipment can cause rashes, contact dermatitis and other types of PPE skin irritation or damage. The safest option in these circumstances is to use Bioderm Faceplate Strips, which will serve as a reliable skin barrier.

Order Bioderm Faceplate Strips Today!

We encourage all employers who are providing PPE to their workers as well as individuals using PPE on the job to place their orders for Bioderm Faceplate Strips.

America is proud of its frontline medical heroes and those doing their part to keep each other safe, and we are here to help you with this reliable skin protection solution. Order online or dial 888-412-9329 to get yours now!

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