Wee Answer Wednesday: A Hunter’s Questions Answered


While 95% of our customers are men dealing with incontinence, there are the select few out there who use the product more recreationally. They use it for fluid management when they know they’re going to be away from the bathroom for a while. It’s also proving unexpectedly popular among hunters who are investing in scent control. We recently showed the product to a hunting afficiando and he had a couple of questions we thought we would share. The responses are from our Quality Assurance Manager, Joe, who has a wicked sense of humor.

1. How do we dispose of this bad boy and maintain my “scent lockness”…ie, cinch string, disposable bag?, nothing?…rip it off and then what? Do you provide a disposable surrounding  piss bag so I can slip it off into something and seal up?

I am sure you are an environmentally responsible hunter, so anything you bring in to the environment, I am sure you are taking back out of the environment.  Also, in a pinch, collected urine is drinkable.

2. Many guys also have “leakage issues”… can they use it for both?

From single drips to beer fueled streams, the product can handle it all.

3. Is Camo color possible? Us hunters want to look manly and Camo or a burly swede leather camo pouch might help man it up a lil’.

I was thinking day/glo orange might also be a possibility, as you could enhance your general safety/protection from getting shot by another hunter.  Stenciled deer heads on the bag for each kill could also be an option.

4. How strong is it???….my worry is this…I’m climbing a tree to my stand or riding my quadrunner in the bush to my hunting spot or gutting a deer in a weird position and my zipper rips it…and this thing explodes or falls off.  I’m sure it fits all, but is it ALL TERRAIN?

How strong is your personal equipment? Anything you can do without the product, you can do with the product attached.

5. What’s the cost?

We could barter for some fresh deer steaks.

6. Is the piss bag itself scent free?

Scent free, until you fill it with urine.

Do you have any other burning questions, let us know for next week!