Wee Answer Wednesday: Men’s Liberty Accessories

Goodness, is it Wednesday again already? As we do every week, here are a few highlights from the questions we’ve gotten from our customers this week! We’ve had quite a few questions about accessories lately, so we wanted to let you know what kind of accessories could be useful, depending on your needs.

Men’s Liberty Accessories

1. My Customer Care Representative recommended a Cunningham Clamp. What is a Cunningham Clamp? Where can I get one?

A Cunningham Penile Clamp consists of a steel frame surrounded by foam padding. The steel frame clamps around the penis and closes off the urethra. This clamping prevents urine from leaking out. We occasionally recommend using a clamp while applying Men’s Liberty if the user is retracted or has a constant dribble of urine. Men’s Liberty has to be applied to dry skin because leaks can reduce adhesion and wear time. Using a clamp during application can assist some people. Ensure you are applying Liberty when the anatomy is dry.

Cunningham clamps are available through most medical device distributors and in most medical supply stores. Just ask your rep when you place your next order!

2. How long can I use a single leg bag for?

Each leg bag can be used for up to two weeks. Bed bags can last for 4 weeks. If you do plan on extending the life of your leg or bedside bag be sure to clean it weekly to reduce odor and bacteria.

3. How do I clean my leg or bedside bag?

If you want to clean or reuse your bag, you can rinse the bag with two cups of warm water and one cup of bleach. Swish it around for a few minutes and drain and your leg bag will be clean and no more ammonia smell.

4. Can I get Men’s Liberty in a store near me?

Men’s Liberty is not currently available in stores. Because it is billed to your insurance it must be shipped to your home by an accredited medical device distributor.

Accessories5. I want to remove Liberty before the hydrocolloid is ready to release. Is there a fast, easy way I can take this off?

Absolutely! You can remove the Liberty device with FreeDerm adhesive remover. FreeDerm is available in a wipe or a pump spray. Just spray at the edge of the adhesive and slowly roll back the adhesive until it releases from your skin. You may need to spray under the edge of the adhesive more than once because it is a flash dry formula.

If you don’t have FreeDerm you can also wrap the head of your penis with a wet washcloth and let the moisture soak into the seal for a few minutes until it turns milky white. Once it’s loose, slowly roll off the adhesive. If you feel resistance, continue soaking the adhesive to loosen.