What does my insurance cover when it comes to incontinence – Here are some typical coverages by major insurance plans. 

Consumable supplies

These include things like absorbent diapers and pads. They are not typically covered by Medicare or private insurance but may be covered by Medicaid.


Durable supplies

These are things like catheters. They are typically covered by private insurers, Medicaid and Medicare. Men’s Liberty is a unique kind of catheter and is covered by more than 3,000 private insurance plans. You may qualify for little or no out-of-pocket expense if you are enrolled in a participating plan and your doctor signs a letter of medical necessity.


Incontinence medications

Most insurance plans will provide coverage for generic medications for incontinence management.


Incontinence surgery

If your doctor determines that surgery is medically necessary, your insurance should cover it. But…


Read the fine print

Coverage for incontinence supplies, medication and surgery vary by provider and state. You can also expect more coverage with extended Medicare than is typically available with parts A and B. Carefully review your summary of benefits to understand what is covered, and under what conditions coverage is available before you make a purchase. Even if your procedure or supply is covered, know what co-pay or deductible amount, if any, you will have to contribute.


Choose Men’s Liberty with confidence

Men’s Liberty Male External Catheter has your budget, comfort, and confidence in mind. We make it easy to get started. Download the letter of medical necessity and bring it to your doctor for review and signature. With more than 3,000 participating providers there’s a good chance you will be able to enjoy the freedom Men’s Liberty provides at little or no cost to you.

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