What Types of Catheters Are Available For Men?

Types of Catheters

What Types of Catheters Are Available For Men? There are four common types of catheters. The right one for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Learn more about each below.

Intermittent catheter

Much like the name suggests, you use this type of catheter throughout the day to empty your bladder when needed. A tube is inserted through your urethra to drain your bladder.

Foley catheter

Also called an indwelling catheter, the Foley remains in place. Urine drains from a tube and collects in a unit that you can wear or hang. Doctors recommend changing indwelling catheters at least every three months.

Suprapubic catheter

This type of catheter carries less risk of infection than a Foley catheter. It is also more comfortable long-term but requires minor surgery to place. Your doctor will make a small incision through the stomach to insert a catheter in your bladder.

External catheter

Men’s Liberty is a type of external catheter. It is designed to take the best features of catheters and eliminate the drawbacks. For example, you can easily apply Men’s Liberty in about two minutes. You or a caregiver can apply Men’s Liberty at home. No surgery or medical supervision is needed. Because Men’s Liberty provides secure, non-invasive protection you don’t have to deal with painful insertions either.

You also have significantly less risk of infection. Apply Men’s Liberty and enjoy up to 24-hours of worry-free protection. Men’s Liberty is discreet, too. Therefore, our no-fuss system means no one can even tell you are using it. Enjoy all your normal activities, even sports, with confidence. There are a few types of catheters out there. For instance, if you are looking for one designed with your freedom, dignity, and safety in mind, choose Men’s Liberty. Call us today to get started with Men’s Liberty.