Who is Most Susceptible to Male Urinary Incontinence?

male urinary incontinence

Male urinary incontinence can happen to any man at any age, but some men are more susceptible to it than others. The good news is that Men’s Liberty provides an ideal solution to give men suffering from UI back their mobility, confidence, and freedom. 

With this discreet and widely chosen solution, you can manage your male bladder leakage easily and effectively. In any case, you should also know about the conditions that can make you more susceptible to male urinary incontinence and stay alert about them.

Prostate Problems

Susceptible to Male Urinary Incontinence

Prostate issues are often related to male UI. You could have an enlarged prostate because of cancer, or even due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is a non-cancerous condition. The enlarged prostate will create a blockage in your urethra. That will force your bladder to work harder in order to become empty. 

Over time, this will make the bladder walls weaker and thicker. And your bladder may not empty all the urine it contains. Prostate removal surgery or radiation treatment after prostate cancer may also cause problems with the bladder control nerves, leading to male UI.

Other Medical Conditions

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis are some of the conditions that can cause damage to the nerves that control bladder function. 

When these nerves get damaged, your bladder may not receive proper signals from the brain to operate correctly. Multiple sclerosis, in particular, may also cause bladder spasms, which can worsen the problem of male urinary incontinence.

Major Surgical Procedures

Prostate surgery, lower back surgery, and major bowel surgery can cause problems in the bladder for many patients. This typically occurs because some of the nerves connected with the urinary tract get damaged during the surgery. Neurological damage is often irreversible, and the resulting problem of male urinary incontinence may become permanent.

Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle

Susceptible to Male Urinary Incontinence

Males who are overweight and obese due to genetic factors or poor dietary habits and lack of exercise increase their susceptibility to male urinary incontinence. As you add extra pounds to your body, the excess weight begins to put pressure on your bladder. 

This may gradually lead to a condition where you have to visit the bathroom more frequently. And you may find it difficult to hold the urine in your bladder for a reasonable amount of time.

Old Age

As a person ages, the natural elasticity of the tissue and muscles in all external and internal parts of the body tends to weaken. The loss of muscle tone and slackness can cause your bladder to lose some of its natural strength. 

Loose bladder muscle will not be able to function with as much efficiency and resilience as a fully elastic and toned muscle. For this reason, seniors are at a higher risk of male UI compared to younger adults. Even if they have no underlying medical problems. 

It is best to see your physician at any age if you realize that you are making more frequent trips to the bathroom. And if you find it difficult to hold the urine even till you can reach there.

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