Why Men Refuse Catheters More Than Women

Why men refuse catheters

Why men refuse catheters more than women

A 2016 reported released during the American Urology Association’s annual meeting revealed that 1 in 4 men is fearful of traditional catheters. They have good reason to be. Indwelling and condom catheters significantly increase the risk of rash and infection. Men’s Liberty offers a life-changing option.

No pain, all gain

For many men, the experience of inserting a catheter can be painful and traumatic. Yet absorbents aren’t a desirable option either. Catheters provide men freedom from diaper changes, wetness and embarrassing odor. But traditional catheters offer these benefits at too high a cost. Men’s Liberty has a better option for men without retention issues that leak. Our external collection system requires no insertion, so its pain-free. Men’s Liberty helps protects your skin, too. That means virtually no risk of infection, male UTI or serious skin problems. And Men’s Liberty is convenient. Apply in about two minutes and enjoy up to 24-hours of protection from wetness and odor.

Traditional Catheters are complicated and can be painful

Many men experience differences in catheter insertion that are similar to the experience of having blood drawn. Sometimes you get a healthcare professional who gets the job done quickly with minimal difficulty and discomfort. Other times it doesn’t go so well. This is why men refuse catheters more than women.

Men’s Liberty is changing the game

Our solution is an external catheter you can apply on your own. You won’t require any assistance from a healthcare professional. Men’s Liberty is right for all types of male anatomy, too. Apply in the privacy of your own home. Men’s Liberty is also easy for spouses or a caregiver to apply as well. Enjoy your normal activities all day long without worry and embarrassing diaper changes. You can discreetly empty Men’s Liberty as needed right at the urinal.

Feel like yourself again

Men are not as accustomed to being handled by healthcare professionals as women are. Childbirth may be the primary driver of difference here. Men’s Liberty lets you get back to the things you enjoy – no extra visits to the doctor needed. Even better, Men’s Liberty helps you feel like the man you’ve always been. Feel comfortable and confident whether you’re at work, on the golf course or simply enjoying a meal with friends. No one will know you’re using Men’s Liberty except you.

A real choice for men

You don’t want the hassle of absorbents, but why risk the pain, rash and infection of traditional catheters? Now men have a real choice. Men’s Liberty makes it possible for men to enjoy the convenience of a catheter without any of the risks. You may qualify for Men’s Liberty at little or no out of pocket cost. We have coverage by more than 3,000 insurance plans including Medicare and VA/Tricare. Give us a call at 1-800-814-3174. We can answer your questions and even handle the insurance paperwork. Get ready to feel like yourself again.