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Male Urinary Incontinence: Hidden Dangers of CAUTIs

Using a urine collection device is one of the best ways to manage male urinary incontinence. However, if you are not careful about the device you choose to wear, you might be at risk of developing catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

What Causes CAUTIs?

CAUTIs are caused by the use of indwelling catheters, which are designed to drain the urine in your bladder into a pouch. There are several reasons why using indwelling catheters can increase the risk of CAUTIs. Some of which include:

  • The catheter inserted into your urethra might be contaminated
  • The catheter might injure your urethra, which can increase your risk of developing your infection
  • The catheter might come into contact with fecal bacteria
  • The catheter might cause the urine in the collection pouch to flow backward into your bladder
  • If the catheter is not cleaned regularly, you might be at risk of developing an infection

People who suffer from male urinary incontinence are at a higher risk of developing CAUTIs, as many of them tend to use indwelling catheters on a regular basis.

The Dangers of CAUTIs

If not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, a CAUTI can lead to serious complications, such as:


If the infection in your bladder spreads to one or both of your kidneys, it can result in the inflammation of your kidneys – a condition known as pyelonephritis. If not treated quickly, pyelonephritis can cause serious, long-term damage to your kidneys. 


This is a condition wherein the bacteria in your bladder enters your bloodstream. It can be treated with the help of oral or intravenous antibiotics. In the absence of timely medical intervention, however, bacteremia can lead to more serious complications like sepsis.


This is a condition wherein the infection in your urinary tract triggers an extremely strong response from your immune system, resulting in widespread inflammation that can severely affect your internal organs. If not treated immediately, urosepsis can lead to life-threatening complications.

How Can People Suffering from Male Urinary Incontinence Prevent CAUTIs?

One of the easiest ways to prevent CAUTIs is to avoid the use of indwelling catheters altogether. You can use Men’s Liberty instead – an external catheter which can help you manage your incontinence problem in the best way possible.

Unlike an indwelling catheter, the Men’s Liberty catheter does not have to be inserted into your urethra. You can simply attach it to your penis using an adhesive that’s not made with natural rubber latex and use it for up to 24 hours. The device is designed to direct urine away from your penis and keep you clean and dry.

Because there is no risk of the urine flowing backward into your bladder, you do not have to worry about developing a CAUTI.

Order Men’s Liberty Today!

Designed to fit discreetly under your clothes, Men’s Liberty can give you the confidence you need to go out, spend time with others, and be socially active. The device is covered by public as well as private insurance plans (standard deductibles and copays apply), making it an affordable solution for male urinary incontinence.

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