Return Policy

Men's Liberty Return Policy

We encourage you to try at least a week’s worth of product before initiating a return.

You may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Real-life experience would tell most of us that it actually takes a MINIMUM of 21 days, but on average between 60 to 90 days for it to feel natural. So, for most people, 3 months is a much more effective and realistic timeframe to incorporate new behavior into your life. Give our Medical Product Specialists a call before you call it quits and see if we can help you give this a try (M-F 9 am-5 pm) at  1-888-920-9363

The return policy varies by the distributor which you get your Men’s Liberty product through. Please contact your distributor with any questions.

Wound Care Resources (888-287-9797)
Byram Health (877-902-9726)
CCS Medical (1-800-722-2604)
EdgePark (1-800-321-0591)
ABC Medical (866-897-8588)

Website & Cash Orders

Products purchased for cash or on our website are not eligible for return. All sales for cash or through the website are final.

Defective Product

Defective products properly noted damaged products, and returns that are the result of an error may be returned at Men’s Liberty’s expense and for a full credit, subject to the other provisions of this policy. Return authorizations for defective products (RMAs) may be requested by calling Customer Service (M-F 9 am-5pm EST) at 1-866-251-4420 or calling our Product Support Line (M-F 9 am-5 pm) at: 1-888-920-9363

For more information on any of our distribution partners, check out the bios and links below:

Domestic Distributors

WCR -logo


Wound Care Resources staff of highly specialized insurance specialists has been helping patients since 2006. They will help you understand your insurance coverage of the products, handle all direct insurance billing, and ensure little or no cost to you.

Byram Healthcare Logo


A national leader in disposable medical supply delivery since 1968. Byram provides quality supplies, services and support, specializing in diabetes supplies, ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, Urology supplies, incontinence supplies and enteral nutrition products.


CCS Medical

Provider of quality home medical supplies and services to patients with chronic conditions throughout the United States. By working closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations CCS ensures the seamless coordination and efficient delivery of critical medical supplies directly to patient’s doorsteps. CCS Medical is a leader in the industry and is recognized as the most-recommended provider by healthcare professionals.