Benefits For Athletes

Your Greatest StrideTo Freedom

If you’re an athlete you know how important it is to go substantial amounts of time without bathroom breaks. At Men’s Liberty, we believe condom catheters, pads, and diapers just don’t get the job done. With our external catheter, you don’t have to slow down or live your life around your condition.

Instead, be active and enjoy what you love without being inconvenienced, and without having to add additional work to those that are helping with your incontinence.

Maintain your competitive advantage and try Men’s Liberty today.

Senior man running in the park

“I would recommend Liberty to anybody who is active in life and wants to get out. Just because you're in a chair doesn't mean you have to be tied down to your house. [Men’s] Liberty lets you get out and do the stuff you enjoy.”

– David D.

Men's Liberty Benefits

  • Keeps men dry and comfortable 24/7

  • The average wear time is up to 24 hours

  • Fits most male anatomy

  • Replaces diapers, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheters

  • Covered by Medicare, most private insurance, Workers Compensation and VA/TriCare. Standard deductibles and co-pays apply