The Men’s Liberty Story – Revolutionary Male External Catheters

The Men’s Liberty male external catheter was developed in 2006 with the goal of solving one of the most pervasive health issues today, urinary incontinence. We are inspired by the impact quality healthcare has on the lives of the people weBioDerm Employees serve and empathize with the challenges that patients face when managing activities of daily living. Men’s Liberty can help them overcome their challenges with comfort and dignity. We continuously look for ways to exceed expectations in every facet of our performance. We strive to make all of our incontinence products more innovative than any others on the market. By challenging industry standards, we challenge ourselves to maintain the leading-edge.

To date, more than 2 million Men’s Liberty units have been sold without a single adverse event attributed to the device, including UTI or skin injury. We are very proud of that!

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