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About Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty was created to address a problem far too common with men – Urinary Incontinence (UI). Until Liberty, only uncomfortable and risky choices were available to men with UI, choices difficult to live with for both men and their caregivers. Men’s Liberty is the next generation male incontinence product and will immediately give men back their freedom, mobility, confidence and masculine vitality.

Men’s Liberty, our external catheter for men, is a patented and proprietary, life-changing solution with more than three million used worldwide. Men’s Liberty ends dependency on adult diapers, pads and condom catheters, making an embarrassing problem become insignificant and dramatically reducing, if not eliminating, the chance of infection.

If you have tried other male incontinence products in the past with little success or are unhappy with your current method of incontinence management, why not give Men’s Liberty a try? Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare and most insurance plans. WHY? Because it works!

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    “Men’s Liberty has been wonderful. It doesn’t leak like guards do. It doesn’t pop off like the condom catheters I tried. And unlike diapers, it keeps me dry, so I don’t get skin infections.”

    Sam T.

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    “The most degrading thing that my husband can think of is being in a diaper. Your product helped him to avoid that bit of humiliation. We were able to attend our daughters’ graduation in comfort and without the fear of an “accident” that would further embarrass him. You could not tell he had it on through his clothes, which was a big concern for my husband.”

    Tina P.

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    “As a C5-C6 spinal cord injury survivor I had to deal with accidents and being limited in my activities. Men’s Liberty changed all of that. I am now able to use a standing machine, do loco-motor training, serious stretching and transfers with no trouble.It’s about time somebody made a smart product that actually works.”

    Caleb B.

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    “After many complications with prostate surgery, I was left with complete incontinence. Every day was miserable and I did not want to go anywhere. After my doctor offered the Liberty external catheter, life has been much better. I can now drink what I want and lead a more normal life.”

    Phil C.

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    “Product works exactly as advertised; all billing and prescription information was arranged by BioDerm, and my Customer Care Rep calls on a regular basis to check on my supply needs. I could not be happier with the product and will never go back to pads and clamps.”

    Alan P.

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    “Your Men’s Liberty System is without a doubt the most outstanding BLESSING for me that I had except for my new grandson born last month. I have Lou Gehrig’s disease and sit in an electric wheelchair every waking minute of the day and I have been in urine jail for the last two years until my nurse at the A.L.S. Clinic told me about your product. It is great”

    Charlie D.

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Wendy LaTorre of Men’s Liberty introduces Dr. Fernando Borges and his thoughts on prescribing Men’s Liberty for men with incontinence.

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