8 Reasons Why Bladder Pads Aren’t A Great Fit

Bladder Pads

Bladder pads are small, disposable absorbent pads that people can wear inside tight-fitting underwear. Also known as liners, insert pads, leafs, guards, or shields, these pads are often unisex but some brands have a special design and marketing meant for men.

Some pads usually have a shape to fit your body, while some simply have a rectangular-shape. Most come with an adhesive strip on the back to help attach them to underwear. Depending on the brand, the absorbent core of the unisex bladder pads can be made from paper pulp or wood pulp fibers combined with super-absorbent polymer powder. This polymer converts to gel and helps keep the urine inside the pads.

Male bladder pads are slightly elasticated at the outer edges to create a “cup shape” in order to fit snugly around the penis and scrotum.

The Problems With Bladder Pads

There is probably nothing wrong with using bladder pads – if you have light bladder leakage, on a temporary basis. For example, if you are recovering from a major surgery and experiencing a little dribbling or leaking as a result, you might decide to use the pad to manage the condition.

However, if your incontinence appears to be persistent, and stems from aging or a long-term health condition, using bladder pads may not be a very prudent idea. Here is why:

  •       They are less effective at absorbing bladder leakage when you are in bed; gravity may cause urine to flow away from the pad.
  •       You may find it difficult to keep a disposable pad securely in place. Especially if you are not wearing close-fitting pants with good elasticity all over.
  •       Most men experience rubbing or chafing from elasticated/raised parts of pads. The adhesive in the pad can accidentally stick to your skin and can hurt when removed.
  •       If you are a caregiver, pads can be hard to change in a sitting position. Unless you can lift the patient’s bottom off and move from side-to-side, lifting one buttock off at a time.
  •       If you are not mobile, or you do not have good use of your hands, you will find it difficult to put on or change the bladder pads, as they must be inserted into your underwear.
  •       Some men are allergic to some of the materials used in disposable bladder pads.
  •       Some men have reported discomfort when urine comes in contact with their scrotum.
  •       Male bladder pads are often expensive than small, unisex pads.

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