Tips to avoid a suprapubic cystostomy or suprapubic catheter when you are only leaking urine

avoid a suprapubic catheter

A suprapubic catheter also sometimes called a suprapubic cystostomy is a medical device used to eliminate urine from the body. Your doctor will insert a tube in your bladder so that urine can drain. The tube is inserted through a small incision in your stomach. Urine collects in a small bag outside of the body. However, it is possible to avoid a suprapubic catheter when you are only leaking urine. Men’s Liberty provides a safer, non-invasive option for men without retention. Read about our tips to avoid a suprapubic catheter or suprapubic cystostomy.

Right for you?

Suprapubic catheters can be a good option for some men, but they are not right for everyone. For example, extended use of a suprapubic catheter may make normal urination difficult in the future. Further, the incision may heal over time making it hard to insert the tube. There is also some risk of infection as well as discharge at the insertion site.

Alternatives to consider

No man wants to worry about urinary leaks. These strategies can help you reduce or eliminate leaks without surgery:

Kegel exercises – these strengthen the pelvic floor. To do Kegel exercises, stop your urine mid-stream just to identify the right muscle. You can also contract the muscle you use to prevent gas from passing. Once you have identified the right muscle practice contracting it, or doing Kegels, throughout the day. Aim for three sets of 10 reps daily.

Monitor fluid intake – it is important to maintain appropriate hydration for your body, so do drink liquids as needed. That said, take care not to overwhelm the bladder with too much liquid at one time.

Keep a bladder diary – track your toileting and leaking habits. Make adjustments where you begin to notice bothersome patterns. For example, are you more likely to leak before lifting? If so, can you plan to empty your bladder before exertion.

Try double voiding – urinate, wait a few minutes and then urinate again to be sure that your bladder is completely empty to reduce the risk of leaks.

Think healthy – maintaining a healthy weight, eliminating smoking and excessive drinking can help improve problems with incontinence.

Try Men’s Liberty – when you need an alternative solution

Men’s Liberty is a safe, non-invasive alternative for male urinary incontinence management. Try it for secure, 24-hour protection that leaves you free to enjoy your normal activities. Talk to your doctor. You may qualify for Men’s Liberty at little or no out of pocket cost depending on your insurance plan. We’ll even handle the paperwork. Suprapubic catheters are not right for everyone. If you are looking for a convenient, easy to use alternative that you can count on, why not give Men’s Liberty a call?