Now available through VA Health Facilities and the VA CMOP Program

If you’re a veteran looking for urinary incontinence solutions for daily leaks or as a result of an injury while serving our country, Men’s Liberty can help you get out of absorbent products, condom catheters, or pads and start living your life without letting incontinence get in your way.

Don’t let incontinence stop you from doing what you love.

Men's Liberty is a revolutionary new device used by men to manage bladder leakage that can give you back your dignity and put money back in your pocket! Unlike an adult diaper or pad, Men's Liberty will keep moisture away from your skin and help prevent incontinence associated dermatitis, urinary tract infections, and pressure ulcers.

Revolutionary Design

Features a completely external design that fits comfortably and discreetly inside your underwear or shorts.

The Smart Alternative

Replaces diapers, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheters.

Little to No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Men’s Liberty is available at little or no cost to you through your VA Health Facility and the VA CMOP program. 
CMOP #XT660 
Item # BOM23406H

Secure and Reliable

Gentle seal allows for up to 24 hours wear time with no leaks.


What Doctors Say

What Patients Say

What Caregivers Say

"Liberty helps me keep my work pace. Before Liberty, if I had to go to the bathroom, it was a production. Liberty has taken a major problem and made it nonexistent. Now I can still brief dignitaries around the world or whatever I need to do." 

~ J. Wright, Air Force Engineer with Multiple Sclerosis

What is Men's Liberty?


Men’s Liberty™ is the innovative alternative to traditional male external catheters. As an external device, it is applied just once a day.
This discreet, one-size-fits-most option manages men’s urinary incontinence in a safe, way that keeps you dry 24/7.
More than 5 million units have been sold to date.

Men's Liberty External Catheter Legend
100% Stay Dry Commitment Seal

How to get it?

To start the process, download our VA information sheet to take with you to your next appointment with your VA Healthcare Professional.

Discuss the product and your healthcare concerns with your Healthcare professional to determine if Men’s Liberty is a good fit for you.

Request Men’s Liberty through your VA Healthcare Professional through the VA pharmacy or have it mailed directly to your home via the VA CMOP program.  CMOP ID: XT660   
Item #: BOM23406H