Men’s Liberty™ and FreeDerm®

Men's Liberty and FreeDerm

Together, Men’s Liberty and FreeDerm offer a comprehensive solution that not only provides reliable urinary control but also prioritizes patient comfort and skin health.

Understanding Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty is an innovative male external catheter designed to provide a reliable and discreet solution for managing urinary incontinence. Unlike traditional absorbent products like adult diapers, Men’s Liberty is an all-in-one solution that helps men regain control of their lives without compromising comfort or mobility.

The Men’s Liberty system consists of a patented external catheter that adheres securely to the tip of the penis with gentle hydrocolloid adhesive, directing urine away from the skin. It features an integrated collection bag that discreetly stores urine, preventing leaks and odor. The unique design of Men’s Liberty ensures that it stays in place for extended periods, giving users the freedom to engage in everyday activities without worry.

The Power of FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover

FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover, with its gentle and effective formulation, complements Men’s Liberty perfectly. When it’s time for a catheter change, FreeDerm is applied to the adhesive, allowing it to dissolve the bond without causing any pain or skin trauma. This painless removal process ensures that users can change their Men’s Liberty catheter without hesitation, promoting optimal skin health and comfort.

Benefits of Using Men’s Liberty with FreeDerm Adhesive Remover

Painless Adhesive Removal: The combination of Men’s Liberty with FreeDerm Adhesive Remover ensures that catheter changes are completely painless. Users can experience quick and easy removal without worrying about discomfort or skin irritation.

Enhanced Skin Health: FreeDerm’s skin-friendly formulation minimizes the risk of skin irritation or damage during adhesive removal. This is especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions, ensuring their skin remains healthy and free from complications.

Freedom and Mobility: With Men’s Liberty’s secure and discreet design, users can enjoy freedom and mobility in their daily lives. Activities such as exercising, socializing, or traveling become more accessible without the constraints of traditional incontinence products.

Confidence and Dignity:  

Men’s Liberty’s discreet design and reliable performance instill a sense of confidence and dignity in users. The assurance of leak protection and odor control allows them to focus on their activities without the worry of embarrassment or discomfort.

Simplified Management:
The combined use of Men’s Liberty and FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover streamlines the management of urinary incontinence. Users can quickly change their catheters as needed, making incontinence care a hassle-free part of their routine.

The combination of Men’s Liberty with FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover represents a significant advancement in male incontinence care. This dynamic duo offers a comprehensive solution that not only provides reliable urinary control but also prioritizes patient comfort and skin health. With the freedom to engage in various activities and the confidence to navigate life without worry, men with urinary incontinence can embrace a more active and independent lifestyle.

As medical technology continues to evolve, it is evident that innovations like Men’s Liberty and FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover play a vital role in improving the quality of life for individuals facing urinary incontinence. Empowering men with the tools they need to manage their incontinence with ease, dignity, and discretion, this dynamic duo opens new horizons for a life unhindered by the challenges of urinary control.

Our innovative, patented external catheter for men is trusted by thousands of satisfied men. They can now enjoy life to the fullest without having to fine-tune their routine around their condition of incontinence.

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