Application at home

Men’s Liberty application

Men’s Liberty application offers the convenience of doing it right at home. Its fast and easy. In fact, most men can apply Men’s Liberty in about two minutes. Caregivers will also appreciate the convenience of fast, pain-free application at home.

Step 1. Wash & Dry

Clean your hands and the application area with a non-moisturizing soap such as Dial or Ivory. Many men find it is easiest to apply Men’s Liberty after their daily shower. Allow skin to dry completely. Consider using the Kind Klamp if you are not circumcised, have retraction or think you might experience leakage during application.

Step 2. Pre-Application Prep

Wipe the head of your penis with a Bio-wipe Plus and allow the area to dry for 15 to 20 seconds, until the skin is no longer tacky.

Step 3. Position & Application

Position Men’s Liberty so the vent is facing up. Align the center opening of the circular tube and petals with your urinary opening. Remove and release papers around the petals and attach the faceplate to the tip of your penis with the center opening directly in line with the urinary opening. Smooth down the petals.

Step 4. Secure & Seal

Position the faceplate strip under the tip of your penis and center it in the middle. Remove the adhesive backing and ensure the edge is over both the end of the clear circular tube and the tip of your penis. Wrap the strip around each side, making sure it is smooth and free of wrinkles. Push out any ridges or grooves so that no air pockets remain. Press and hold for 10 to 15 seconds to secure the seal.


Men’s Liberty provides a secure seal you can count on. Confidently engage in your regular activities without worrying about leaks or pop-offs. Because the seal is secure, you will need to remove it with care. Do not tug or pull. Our FreeDerm product makes removal a breeze. Alternatively, you can place a warm cloth over the seal for several seconds until you feel it begin to loosen.

Easily apply Men’s Liberty and enjoy up to 24-hours of worry free wear time. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call. We can walk you through any questions you have about Men’s Liberty application. You can also view our online video with step by step directions. Millions of men managing incontinence are still enjoying active lives. Men’s Liberty can help you get back to a worry-free life.