This weekend I’m marking my 82nd birthday and I wanted you to know how important you and Men’s Liberty has been to me. Going to work, field trips, meetings, long trips, advent having, skiing, riding, etc., etc., are all possible because of the confidence that Men’s Liberty give me. My life would be so much […]


Charlie D.

Your Men’s Liberty System is without a doubt the most outstanding BLESSING for me that I had except for my new grandson born last month. I have Lou Gehrig’s disease and sit in an electric wheelchair every waking minute of the day and I have been in urine jail for the last two years until […]


Phil C.

After many complications with prostate surgery, I was left with complete incontinence. Every day was miserable and I did not want to go anywhere. After my doctor offered the Liberty external catheter, life has been much better. I can now drink what I want and lead a more normal life.


Alan P.

Product works exactly as advertised; all billing and prescription information was arranged by BioDerm … I could not be happier with the product and will never go back to pads and clamps.