Urinary Incontinence Affects Millions of Men

Urinary incontinence refers to the condition when you lose all control on your bladder. This means you lose the ability to control when you urinate. By some estimates, as many as one in four adults in the US suffer from this condition. Urinary incontinence in men can range from leaking a small amount of urine (such as when laughing, sneezing, or coughing) to having extremely strong urges to urinate that are hard to control.

It is vital to take the symptoms seriously and talk to a qualified doctor about it. Thanks to advancements in medicine and technology, incontinence can be treated and managed.

Millions of adults in the nation have bladder incontinence. While it is most common in people older than 50, it can also affect younger adults. At Men’s Liberty, we always encourage both men and women to be vocal about their health concerns to their doctor, no matter how sensitive the matter is. If you are experiencing incontinence in men, and you hide your condition hoping it would go away on its own, you risk getting urinary tract infections, skin infections, sores, and rashes. 

Many men also find themselves avoiding friends, family, and social interactions because of embarrassment and fear. The thing is, not consulting with a healthcare provider may worsen the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Urinary Incontinence In Men

There are five types of incontinence, differentiated by their symptoms:

Urge Incontinence

When the need to urinate comes on very suddenly – seemingly out of nowhere – usually before you can get to a toilet, that’s urge incontinence. You only get a warning a few seconds before it feels like your bladder might burst. This is the most common type of incontinence in people aged 60 and above. Sometimes, it’s also a sign of an overactive bladder or a urinary tract infection.

Stress Incontinence

When urine leaks out because of sudden pressure on your lower stomach muscles, it is known as stress incontinence.  This may happen when you laugh, sneeze, cough, exercise, or lift something. It typically occurs when the pelvic muscles are weakened, for example, after a surgery.

Functional Incontinence

When you have normal control over your bladder but have trouble getting to the bathroom in time, it’s referred to as functional incontinence in men. This type of incontinence has nothing to do with your bladder, but other health conditions that may make it difficult to get to the bathroom in time, such as arthritis.

Overflow Incontinence

This is the condition where your bladder gets overfilled and you experience uncontrollable leakage of small amounts of urine. You may have to strain when urinating, or you may feel like you can’t empty your bladder all the way. This is a common type of incontinence in men, and is usually caused due to a tumor or enlarged prostate gland. People who have diabetes or who take certain medications may also suffer from this issue.

Mixed Incontinence

This involves a combination of more than one type of incontinence mentioned above.

What Causes Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Urinary incontinence can be caused by a variety of medical issues, including diabetes or weak pelvic muscles. Some of the most common causes are:

  •       Prostate surgery or enlarged prostate gland
  •       Obesity or being overweight (this increases pressure on the bladder)
  •       Build-up of stool in the bowels
  •       Urinary tract infections
  •       Certain medicines
  •       Diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes
  •       Vascular disease

We cannot stress it enough: please talk to your primary care physician about your symptoms. This is the best way for your physician to figure out which type of incontinence you have. They may request a sample of urine and ask you to keep a journal of your urination habits for an accurate diagnosis.  They may also order an ultrasound screening of your pelvic area to better assess your bladder.

What Are Treatment Options For Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Depending on what type of incontinence you have, your doctor will create a treatment and management plan for you. If your incontinence is caused due to a surgery, a health condition (like diabetes), or medications, it will go away once the problem is treated. In these cases, bladder training and kegel exercises may help by strengthening your pelvic muscles. Surgery and medication are other options.

However, if the incontinence is due to your growing age, complete treatment might not be possible, and you may need to learn how to manage it using male incontinence products and supplies, such as Men’s Liberty.

In some cases, making a few changes to the lifestyle also helps. Consuming too much alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods has been found to worsen incontinence in men. Since smoking causes an inflammation of the prostate and/or bladder in some men, it should also be avoided.

Another possible treatment option for men is prescription medication that can shrink the prostate and boost urine flow through it. Please consult with your doctor about this.

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