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Men’s Liberty Starter Bundle

There are three ways to take back your freedom and confidence. Simply click on the use my insurance button below to start the process. Remember: Men’s Liberty is covered under many insurance plans. Our customer care staff will help you with each step of the process. You will be mailed your supply in a discreet package. Or ask your doctor to fill out a prescription and have it filled at your local pharmacy. Last, you can opt to pay out-of-pocket, simply click the pay cash button and you will receive your supply in 5-7 days.

If you are a current customer and would like to place a reorder, click the reorder button below.

If you have any questions about your options, please reach out to our customer care team by phone, 866-541-9531.

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Everything You Need to Live Freely

We have a whole line of Men’s Liberty accessories to ensure you have proper coverage and a comfortable experience. Click on the product below to learn more. If you would like to learn more about the BioDerm® family of products, visit the BioDerm® website

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  • Men's Liberty Group

    Men’s Liberty Starter Bundle

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  • Bedside Drain Bag

    Bedside Drain Bag, 2000 ml

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  • Bioplus wipe

    BioPlus Barrier Prep Wipe, 25 per Box

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  • BioDerm Faceplate Seal

    Faceplate seal, 10 pack

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  • Freederm adhesive remover bottle

    FreeDerm Adhesive Remover- 1 oz pump spr

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  • Freederm adhesive remover bottle

    FreeDerm Adhesive Remover- 3 oz pump spr

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  • KindKlamp™ (Penis Clamp)

    KindKlamp™ (Penis Clamp)

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    LEG BAG, 1100ml, w/ loose extension tube

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  • Men's Liberty External Catheter

    Men’s Liberty 7-Pack

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  • UriCap Female kit image

    UriCap Female (5 Day Kit)

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