New Study Refutes Link Between Fish Oil Supplements & Prostate Cancer

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb: Part 2

As I promised last month I will be sharing a bit about life with a spinal cord injury. Most of the symptoms or side-effects of a damaged spinal cord are similar across the board. Degree and intensity of these effects are determined by the factors I outlined in my last post, level and severity of […]

67% of Survey Respondents say Fear of Accidents is their #1 Worry

Recently, conducted a great opinion survey on the troubling condition reaching out to nearly 5,000 people who use self-care products for incontinence. The goal was to learn how you cope with incontinence and if a greater awareness about it as a medical issue has erased its stigma and prompted more people to talk to their […]

Is Your Prescription Causing Your Incontinence?

7 Medical Procedures You May Not Need…

You’re facing minor surgery, and your doctor orders routine preoperation tests. Do you get them?

Only 3 Days Left… Join Us at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

7 Surprising (And Odd) Facts About Spinal Cord Injuries

For most people, when they hear the word “quadriplegic,” their mind goes straight to an image of Christopher Reeve in his wheelchair. Or when they hear “spinal cord injury,” they think the worst of it is that we can’t walk. But how a body is affected and can still function despite the main nerve being […]

The real cost of incontinence – News From Australia

Urinary incontinence isn’t limited only to the United States. Individuals all over the world deal with these issues every day. In support of World Continence Week, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, shared some surprising statistics about incontinence Down Under!