Being a Caregiver to a Loved One

When someone you love suffers from male urinary incontinence, you can help him cope with this condition in various ways. Learn more here.

Caregiver Recommendations For Loved Ones Suffering From Urinary Incontinence

6 Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Incontinence Caregiving

Dealing with incontinence denial

Coming to terms with incontinence is sometimes a process. If despite all the evidence, your loved one seems to keep his head in the sand, its time to take action. These tips can help with dealing with incontinence denial. Be direct about dealing with incontinence denial Talking about incontinence can be embarrassing, so choose your […]

When you’re dad’s caregiver

Communication is vital for a strong caregiving relationship. When you take on the role of dad’s caregiver, these caregiving tips can help ease some common challenges. Listen Being reliant on care may have a significant impact on your dad’s sense of self. Listen carefully to what he says with words, behavior and body language. Check […]

Caregiving for someone with incontinence – how to cope with it

Caregiving for someone with incontinence – how to cope with it Caregiving for someone with male incontinence can be quite stressful. A good self-care plan can help you cope with the challenges. Keep learning Healthcare providers and other caregivers are a wealth of information and support. Reach out with questions, for ideas, resources and encouragement […]

Know Your Nurse

Your nurse has likely changed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of catheters over the course of a career. But, perhaps, the experience is still relatively new and somewhat embarrassing to you. Getting to know your nurse can make you feel more comfortable. Nurses are people too You want to be seen as a whole human being, […]

How to help your loved one maintain their independence while struggling with incontinence

How to Help Your Husband Cope with Urinary Incontinence 

Taking Control

As with any traumatic injury or debilitating illness it can feel like one has lost control of one’s life. A seemingly endless stream of doctors, therapists, aides, social workers, insurance workers, and more march through your life almost daily. It’s easy to feel vulnerable, at their mercy, and without options, especially if you have lost […]