Alzheimer’s Disease and Incontinence

Being a Caregiver to a Loved One

6 Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Incontinence Caregiving

The Wonderful Results of Keeping Track of Our Health

Have you ever noticed how much our responsibility and our discipline increases when we have someone to share our activities with?  It’s proven! Researchers’ report that our commitment level more than doubles when we have “Accountability Partners” keeping us accountable.  It makes sense that we do much better – even when it’s for things we […]

Taking Control

As with any traumatic injury or debilitating illness it can feel like one has lost control of one’s life. A seemingly endless stream of doctors, therapists, aides, social workers, insurance workers, and more march through your life almost daily. It’s easy to feel vulnerable, at their mercy, and without options, especially if you have lost […]

Caregivers Guide – Helping Our Loved Ones with Cancer

It’s no secret that many of our Men’s Liberty clients have suffered from cancer – typically prostate cancer.  And as a result of their treatment, they’ve encountered issues with incontinence. As we speak with men every day about the solutions and the results that the Men’s Liberty device provides, it’s quite common that we hear […]

Six Ways Technology Can Make Caregiving Easier

Welcome back! If you’re like me, technology plays a big role in your life that it didn’t have ten or fifteen years ago. But technology, thus far, has made only modest contributions to supporting caregivers, the legions of family members and friends who help sustain elderly, disabled, sick and recovering patients. With that in mind, […]

Celebrating National Family Caregivers Month

This month in honor of National Family Caregivers Month, we have been proud to partner with Today’s Caregiver! So check out our new Cost of Caregiving for Incontinence Infographic and click here to listen to their audio interview with Men’s Liberty Chief Strategy Officer, Wendy LaTorre.

A Not-To-Do List For Caregivers of the Chronically Ill

I read a lot of articles and blog posts on caregiving, however, it is rare that I come across an article that is written to caregivers from a patients perspective. The post I bring you today is written byToni Bernhard, who has published two books and is cared for by her husband (who is also named Tony). […]

Not Dead Yet

This week I have another blog to share, brought to you by Judy Oppenheimer. This was originally posted on and the article discusses aging as a baby boomer and the stigma that can come with aging.