11 Things You Should Never Say To a Caregiver

Some things simply shouldn’t be said, especially to someone taking on the role of a caregiver.

Helpful Ways to Beat The Heat with Multiple Sclerosis

Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) know what it’s like when in a hot environment. It’s not pleasant, and heat can make symptoms worse.  Between 60-80% of those with Multiple Sclerosis have some intolerance to heat, producing symptoms of numbness, fatigue and more.

The Invisible Victims of Alzheimer’s Disease: Family Caregivers

Transitioning to a Wheelchair with MS: When and How?

Those with multiple sclerosis (MS) can experience mobility difficulty as the disease progresses. Among several symptoms include decreased balance, increased spasticity, sensation changes, vision impairment, muscle weakness or a combination of these symptoms, which can affect mobility.  When your lower extremities aren’t functioning optimally, you may need to seek out assistance in the form of […]

Losing my temporarily able-bodied status, one physicians story

Today I wanted to share this amazing post from physician Sandra Shea about losing a temporarily able-bodied status. Originally posted over at the awesome KevinMD.com, she has a powerful reminder to share about how we think about our bodies and about people with physical disabilities like spinal cord injury.

Seniors reusing incontinence products!

It seems that US Seniors aren’t exactly alone in not having the government or insurance cover their incontinence products (i.e. diapers). It’s the same situation in our northern neighbor, Canada.

Coping with your MS Diagnosis, tips from Men’s Liberty

We know that there are lots of diagnoses which are associated with urinary incontinence, including multiple sclerosis. And when you first get diagnosed its easy to feel totally overwhelmed. So whether you’ve been diagnosed with MS or something else, we are thrilled to share some basic coping tips from David Novak.

10 Misconceptions About Pelvic Physical Therapy & Incontinence

A Life Changing Day – Eman’s Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation

Sometimes in life, there are events that make you remember just how lucky you are to be alive and healthy. One of our newest clients is Eman, and it’s been quite the ride so far. We’ve been so moved talking with Eman and his family, we wanted to share a bit of his story about […]

The WORST Incontinence Advice Ever, Part 2