What is the Learning Curve?

Learning Curve

Simply put – the learning curve is a 2-3 day period needed for you to rid your skin of moisture to ensure the full adhesion time for Men’s Liberty. Your skin holds in moisture, naturally. In addition to the natural moisture content of your skin, the soap lotion or oils that you use daily can add more moisture to your skin. Men’s Liberty uses a proprietary adhesive called Hydrocolloid. A moist environment will lessen the adhesive qualities of the Hydrocolloid. During the first few days of wear-time, you may not have a full 24-hour wear-time from the Men’s Liberty due to the moisture content of your skin.

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4 Ways to Avoid PPE Skin Damage

ppe skin damage

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can become the cause of facial skin irritation and injury if you are wearing it for long periods of time without any barrier between your skin and the PPE. Here are some of the suggested solutions that will help you avoid PPE skin damage and continue performing the exemplary work that…

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I don’t like my doctor or his suggestions about my incontinence 

change your doctor

It’s ok to change your doctor. Here are some signs to know when it’s right to change: Your doctor doesn’t seem to listen or understand your concerns Managing incontinence can be unnecessarily challenging without the right doctor or medical advice. Part of getting to the right advice is listening closely. If your doctor brushes you…

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Reducing Waste in Health Care

Experts estimate that 30% of the $2.3 trillion spent on health care is a waste. That means it could be eliminated without reducing the quality of patient care. But before we can eliminate this waste in our health care system, we must first identify it. Where it is, why and how much.

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Defeating Stigma in Healthcare Award for 2013: Rick Rador, MD

We feel thrilled to get to share some news from the Simon Foundation for Continence. They recently announced Rick Rader, MD, as the 2013 Defeating Stigma in Healthcare Award recipient. Dr. Rader is in fact the Director of the Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center at the Orange Grove Center (Chattanooga, TN), a nationally known community…

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