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Understanding Incontinence is Your Best Defense

There are some unbelievable stories that float around concerning urinary incontinence. I like to term these stories, “Incontinence myths.” I’ll do my best to explain the difference between incontinence myths and true facts, as believing the myths can harm your ability to deal effectively with you urinary incontinence.

Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

In March of 2008, Dr. Dean Ornish, a renowned physician gave a TED Talk in Monterey, California entitled “Your Genes Are Not Your Fate.”  The talk was powerful and impactful, and during his talk, Dr. Ornish shared some incredible research! Your Genes Are Not Your Fate We thought you’d enjoy a summary of his talk, […]

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Is Your Prescription Causing Your Incontinence?

An Electrifying Solution for Pressure Ulcers

New article out recently that I just wanted to share. I’m not sure whether or not to feel appalled or inspired by the evil genius of this idea. Researchers from the University of Calgary (UoC) in Canada have come up with an unconventional new method of treating bed sores. Doctors from the school have created […]