What does my insurance cover when it comes to incontinence – Here are some typical coverages by major insurance plans. 

Does my insurance cover incontinence? – Here are some typical coverages by major insurance plans to bring aid to your medical condition fast. Read below to find out does insurance cover incontinence and which part it covers. Consumable supplies These include things like absorbent diapers and pads. Medicare or private insurance doesn’t typically cover them, […]

Medical management the tax-deductible way

Medical management the tax-deductible way. Most people know that there are tax deductions available for homeowners. If you have had a lot of medical expenses this year, you will be glad to know that certain medical expenses may also be tax deductible. Feeling pinched? Make your medical budget stretch further. Here’s what you need to […]

Benefits of insurance Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage plan for incontinence.

You may be surprised to learn that Medicare insurance does not cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers. These can cost an average of $300.00 monthly. Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance companies and sometimes include a wider range of benefits. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of insurance Medicare Vs […]

Do Veteran Health Benefits Pay for Incontinence Treatment? 

Myths and Facts about Medicare Coverage for Incontinence Products

Myths and Facts About Medicare Coverage for Incontinence Products

Why Aren’t Adult Diapers Covered by Insurance? And Why Men’s Liberty is…

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This week we’re tackling a bit of a new subject for us – home healthcare. It’s a buzz word that’s been flying around a lot lately. But it’s not always clear that we all mean the same thing when we say “home health”.

Understanding Your Insurance

Welcome back everyone! This week we’re talking about the biggest seasonal news out there. Nope – not Christmas. It’s Open Enrollment. That’s right – in addition to turkey and mistletoe this time of year is a very special one for people looking at new health insurance options. So today, we’re adding to our ongoing blog […]

How Do I Know if My Insurance Plan Covers Men’s Liberty?