47th Annual WOCN Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Hello everyone! Today we would like to make an announcement: We will be attending the 47th annual WOCN conference in San Antonio, Texas along with our partners over at Eloquest Healthcare.

Introducing the BioDerm Penile Clamp!

Hello and welcome back. Today I would like to introduce the newest product in the BioDerm catalog, the BioDerm Penile Clamp. Some of you may have already seen or heard of the product from our customer service reps, however, since many people are still unaware of it I figured we would take some time to […]

A Night On the Town with Men’s Liberty

We are excited to announce that this month we are running a limited time sweepstakes to win a Free Night on the Town courtesty of Men’s Liberty and BioDerm Inc.

Remember our Fallen Heroes with Men’s Liberty

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have fallen in combat and made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom.