Following Davis Part 3: Murderball with Men’s Liberty

We’re back and to kick of 2013 with a bang we wanted to share an update from Davis as he prepares for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. After nearly 10 years of heckling from friends and fellow competitors, Davis has finally given in and joined the Tampa Generals Quad Rugby team. “I’ve been talking trash […]

Following Davis Part 2: Hand Cycling

We checked in with Davis again this week since he just started training! He is planning on competing in swimming, hand cycling and quad rugby at next year’s Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa. The swimming training is going to wait until spring, but Davis said he felt thrilled to be starting with hand cycling and […]

Following Davis… Countdown to the Wheelchair Games!

Men’s Liberty is a proud sponsor of Mission: ABLE and regular attendee at the PVA’s annual Wheelchair Games. We are so proud of these adaptive athletes and are consistently amazed by their accomplishments. These competitors challenge the stigma too often associated with ‘disability’. It’s just under a year until the next Wheelchair Games and training […]