Infection Prevention and You

Surgical ‘Never-Events’ Are Shockingly Common – New Study Published!

I felt shocked when I saw this headline land in my inbox yesterday and I just had to share. We’ve talked about so-called “never-events” before because one of the most common “never-events” are infections people acquire in hospitals and pressure ulcers. These two never-events have a link with the usage of out-dated incontinence management products […]

Cutting Hospital Readmissions with Men’s Liberty

Here is some great new information out recently from Stephen Jencks, MD, MPH. Dr Jencks is the lead author of the New England Journal of Medicine study on the cost of readmissions to the American healthcare system. In fact, he says hospitals must look beyond the four walls of their facilities to reduce readmissions. That’s […]

Using Medicare’s paying power to change hospital behavior

If you’re anything like me, you have been seeing a lot in the news lately about medical errors and hospital acquired infections and how expensive this problem is becoming. If not, don’t worry, I turn off my TV during election season too! Fortunately, I get to catch up on the highlights online, without most of […]

Are you turning into Nurse Ratched? Nurse Burnout & Infections

Caregiver burnout is a well documented phenomenon and it is something we’ve talked about here in this blog. Well intentioned, hardworking, dedicated caregivers struggle on a daily basis. Especially to provide the best possible care and quality of life to their loved ones. It’s overwhelming, emotionally draining and physically exhausting. Well, it turns out that […]

Is Your Hospital Trying to Kill You? Reduce CAUTI with Men’s Liberty