How Can I Get My Medical Records?

For those of you interested in seeing your personal health records, we’ve been asked to share some basic guidelines. This info is from and outlines how you can access your complete medical records –

Show Me the Data! Should Patients Have Access to Their Records?

Most of us go to the doctor and year after year, build up a large file of medical records. From weigh ins to blood test results, there’s an awful lot of personal data in those old paper files.

I want to tell my doctor: “I want a second opinion.”

Surgical ‘Never-Events’ Are Shockingly Common – New Study Published!

I felt shocked when I saw this headline land in my inbox yesterday and I just had to share. We’ve talked about so-called “never-events” before because one of the most common “never-events” are infections people acquire in hospitals and pressure ulcers. These two never-events have a link with the usage of out-dated incontinence management products […]