Wee Answer Wednesday: A Hunter’s Questions Answered

While 95% of our customers are men dealing with incontinence, there are the select few out there who use the product more recreationally. They use it for fluid management when they know they’re going to be away from the bathroom for a while. It’s also proving unexpectedly popular among hunters who are investing in scent […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: All Dressed Up and No Where to Pee

In honor of last week’s filibuster, this week’s theme is non-medical uses for Men’s Liberty! Whether or not you’re a US Senator, a race car driver or a glider pilot, you may be doing something that has you away from a bathroom for several hours at a time. And sometimes it’s just not practical to […]

Wee Answer Wednesday with Men’s Liberty

You’d think we’d run out of questions after a while, especially since we do this every week. In actuality, not really. With a growing base of new customers and healthcare professionals joining the Men’s Liberty family, there’s always someone new with questions I’ve never heard before. So I have to tip my hat to our […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: Neurological Disorders & Incontinence

We’ve talked a lot about spinal cord injuries here but it’s important not to forget, that’s not the only disease that’s strongly associated with incontinence. Other neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and Spina Bifida are often the cause of incontinence. In each of these cases incontinence can have a huge economic, […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: Unique Customer Questions with Men’s Liberty

Every so often our Customer Care Reps get questions so off the wall, so unique that I feel compelled to share it with the world. If one person can get up the courage to ask, how many more are thinking it but too embarrassed to ask? So in that spirit, this week we’re answering the […]

Wee Answer Wednesday – Physical Therapy & Incontinence

Wee Answer Wednesday: Questions from Men’s Liberty Training

We missed last week with the holidays. But now we’re back in 2013 with a whole host of new questions about incontinence. We recently brought on several new Customer Care Reps and they’ve been jumping into training. In the course of training however, they’ve asked some interesting questions to which we wanted to share the […]

Wee Answer Wednesday with Men’s Liberty

It’s just seven sleeps away from Christmas!! I don’t know about you but it feels like this holiday season has just flown by.  In the spirit of the season, we are continuing our Wee Answer Wednesday tradition with a few tips for getting through the holiday season! A big thank you to all our customers […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: Spinal Cord Injuries & Incontinence

This week on Wee Answer Wednesday we will squarely focus on incontinence after spinal cord injuries. In the immediate aftermath of a spinal cord injury, there’s a lot to take in. Your life has changed in so many ways that it can be a challenge to get a handle on all the information coming your […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: Holidays with Men’s Liberty

Thanksgiving has passed and it’s officially the Christmas season. There are wreaths on the doors and inflatable Santas on display in Walmart. I’m sure quite a few people have busy travel schedules in the next couple of weeks! So bring on the Christmas questions!