5 Myths About Incontinence

Male urinary incontinence can disrupt your life and make you feel alone, isolated, and embarrassed. But you are not alone. Learn more about male UI here.

Wear PPE? This is a Must-Buy to Prevent Facial Irritation

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is no longer only used by those working in industrial settings to protect against toxic chemicals and fumes or medical professionals treating HIV or other infectious diseases. The Covid-19 crisis has made PPE a critical gear for a wide range of frontline healthcare workers who step out of their homes everyday […]

4 Ways to Avoid PPE Skin Damage

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can become the cause of facial skin irritation and injury if you are wearing it for long periods of time without any barrier between your skin and the PPE. Here are some of the suggested solutions that will help you avoid PPE skin damage and continue performing the exemplary work that […]